Assess & Calibrate for AM

The landscape of metal Additive Manufacturing is changing at a higher rate today than in the previous 20 years, since its introduction. That is the main reason why companies wishing to understand more about AM finding this daunting. With an ever growing range of both competing and complimentary technologies on offer, it may not be obvious which is the best for a business operation. Not forgetting that each of these techniques has its own distinct design guidelines, maintenance procedures and post-processing requirements. Hence, M A M Solutions offers an Assess & Calibrate for AM process that aims to provide a basic understanding of the technology and the ability to assess the potential of Additive Manufacturing for deployment in your business. You can read more about the naming conventions used in AM here.

Assess –  a tailored process that reviews your current product lines and associated production operations to establish if there are any clear and obvious candidates for AM. Using actual production parts we will evaluate form, fit and function against current AM design requirements, then identify potential changes and  improvements that would be suited to AM. This first part of the service includes a general introduction to all current AM technologies, processes, materials and the most successful applications.

Calibrate – no matter where your business is in its current journey with AM, the next part of the process will help to reset your current understanding of AM, and allow you to focus on how your business can take the best advantage of the available processes. This should help you to identify the most appropriate opportunities and next steps in the journey to full adoption. This may include understanding how to develop the business case for utilising AM within your organisation. However, you may learn that investing in AM technology is not the right route to take, but instead to engage with external service providers, or you may decide to carry out further research and development activities of your own.

We hope by the end of this process, you will have a much more informed view of the capabilities of AM. Helping you plan for growth, target new opportunities, or overcome any existing obstacles to the adoption of additive manufacturing technologies.


  • Understand which AM technologies are available 
  • Identify the current fit of AM with your business 
  • Learn about the essential design requirements 
  • Understand how to assess AM processes, materials and applications 
  • Identify opportunities for alternative production solutions using AM 
  • Ready your business to take the next steps with AM