Martin McMahon - Enabling Industry to adopt Additive Manufacturing

I am passionate about additive manufacturing and the never ending possibilities that it can bring to our world, and I will do my utmost to help you find it’s potential.

Martin McMahon

Founder – Martin McMahon

After having spent more than 15 years working in the field of metal Additive Manufacturing, and being involved across the entire process chain, I came to the conclusion that many businesses needed closer support to make the right decisions during their adoption on these disruptive technologies. My time spent in the metal powder supply chain, at a market leading technology provider and machine producer, and both coupled with starting in at the deep end of the sector at one of the UK’s first commercially successful AM service providers, has given me unrivalled experience in this sector.

Early Years

My rise in the metal AM world was boosted because of my knowledge and understanding of metallurgy, gained from my first degree in Materials Science & Engineering, and a Ph.D in metallurgy and laser processing of metals and metal powders. This was followed by a post-doc studying NDT techniques on laser processed precious metals, but also involving electron beam welding and, of course, more metallurgy.

My first move into industry was also my first experience in management, which eventually lead to global management responsibilities. I’ve worked in many areas of business: Sales & Marketing, Engineering, Business Administration, and Production; across several fields involving high technology: electron microscopy, forensic science, nano technology, factory automation, inkjet printing, and medical devices.


Martin has helped develop processes, teams and solutions that have enabled continuous growth and success.


Martin’s experience as a metallurgist puts him in a unique position to capitalise on the development of materials for AM.


Martin McMahon has the resilience to keep going to get the job done, bringing together all his career experiences.

Additive Manufacturing

Entering the metal AM sector at a relatively early time, when most usage was still in “rapid prototyping”, I was very fortunate in perhaps being the only metallurgist, with a firm understanding of laser materials processing, working in the outward facing commercial side of the market at that time. As part of a brilliant team, I was able to establish myself as a trusted authority and be a part of many metal AM milestones. This has included the first custom implant part made from Ti6Al4V, qualified to ISO 13 485, and implanted in the UK; the first qualified structural AM roll hoop to be used in the F1 sector, the first European Space Agency fully qualified, launch worthy structural component made in AlSi10Mg, and first qualified satellite waveguide components. The list goes on to include many other firsts in a range of industrial sectors such as Oil & Gas, Aerospace, and Medical and across many regions of the globe, and I feel truly blessed to have been a part of it all.

Therefore, after gaining almost unparalleled knowledge and experience in the early days of metals additive manufacturing, I established M A M Solutions to assist other businesses to become successful in getting the most from these advanced manufacturing technologies. I aim to provide a tailored consulting service, that will enable your business to learn quickly and accelerate the adoption of AM. This could be as a first time buyer of hardware, engaging with 3rd party AM service providers, or the implementation of a full production process.

M A M Solutions is in a unique position to assist businesses across the East of England, the East Midlands, and the South East to gain the best results from metal 3D Printing.