Feedstock Materials

Metallic alloy feedstocks are now available as powder, wire, and even filaments or rods, and making the right choice is arguably the most important part of a successful AM process.


The most commonly used feedstock at present is metal powder and there is a vast and rapidly developing supply chain for materials. As well as being able to advise on the complete range of alloy powders,

M A M Solutions have partnered up with Elementum 3D to bring you some of the most advanced metal powders currently available.


There has been significant growth in the use of wire feedstocks in metal AM in the last 5 years as the Directed Energy Deposition technologies have proven to be successful.

Filaments / Rods

Several companies now supply systems that have been derived from technologies very similar to the FDM type machines used in polymer (plastic) based 3D printing systems.