Market Research

Acquiring the necessary insights into the Additive Manufacturing market is essential in order to be able to make well informed decisions, and increase your chances of successful adoption of AM into your business. The importance of solid independent market intelligence should also never be overlooked, especially when dealing with disruptive technologies in a sector that is both growing quickly, and where there are frequent changes in the technology. Even the more well established system vendors are constantly on the move to try and maintain their positions in the market.


If your considering a capital investment, then you’ll need to understand what are the latest developments in metal 3D printing, and what are the advantages , or disadvantages, of one over the other.


Before developing a new production process you may wish to discover if there is already something similar, or if you’ll also need to comply with sector regulations.


If you’re developing new materials, then you may need to know about the latest published data from research around the world, perhaps from a particular project, or even your potential competitors.


Completely new to AM?

Then you will certainly want to understand the relevant market opportunities for your business, and where you are currently positioned in your sector.

Territory Review

M A M Solutions were commissioned to carry out a review of all metal AM technology in use across the UK and Ireland. Results were presented by User type, Technology, Location, and Industry.