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I’ve always been a firm believer in sharing knowledge, so this is the section of the website where I store all the nuggets of information about Additive Manufacturing, and I hope you’ll find useful.

It contains articles that I’ve written, case studies involving metal AM, including some from my previous work, and other shared content with links to the sources where this can be found.

Why Choose AM?

Learn the simple truth as to why metal AM makes sense for your manufacturing business.

Why choose AM
Types of Metal AM

Types of Metal AM

The number of available technologies being used in metal AM is growing all the time. Read here about the five basic categories and the types of process that are being deployed.

Overcoming Metal Barriers

Read about the 4 mains areas in metallurgy of AM parts that should be fully understood in order to be successful.

Barriers in AM
Successes in AM
Photo credit: NASA

Metal AM Successes

There are real world uses of metal additive manufacturing, see some examples of where AM has been successfully utilised in industry.

Quality controls all

The essential steps required to qualify a metal AM process and the materials for use in production.

A quality part
Names in AM

What’s in a name?

Understanding the different naming conventions used in AM, and attempting to unravel some of the mystery.

The Laser Melt Track

Thoughts on melt track properties in metal laser powder bed fusion, and how they can determine part quality.

The laser melt track