Business Development

Whether you are already successfully using AM to produce parts, or just starting to consider what AM can do for your business, M A M Solutions can help you to find the right path to success.

Why choose Martin?


Assisted in pioneering the adoption of Metal Additive Manufacturing within several key industrial sectors in the UK, including: F1 motorsport, medical implants, satellite technology, defence, and aerospace.


Lead the first full qualification of Ti6Al4V for use in patient specific implants, F1 structural components, and aircraft spare parts, and first to fully commercialise and qualify AlSi10Mg for structural components for use by the Space sector.


Uniquely experienced in the commercialisation and application of advanced manufacturing technologies, combining his strong technical background with a firm understanding of Product Management in the area of Sales & Marketing.


Has an enthusiasm for additive manufacturing (3D printing) that is rarely matched, combined with a desire to help others learn and an acute focus on customer satisfaction.

Growth for AM

  • Additive Manufacturing is now common in many industries but two sectors have been developing the technologies for a number of years.


From early curiosity to huge investments in companies, equipment, and materials. This sector is now leading the way in AM.


The positive outcomes for patients can be significantly increased by AM, and this sector saw the opportunity very quickly.

Having that critical friend to help you choose the right strategy, and seek the most appropriate opportunities, could be all that’s needed to help you grow your business and avoid disappointment.

— Martin McMahon