Solutions for Additive Manufacturing

M A M Solutions for Additive Manufacturing are based on years of expertise in metallurgy, materials science, and the end-to-end processes that make up the entire value chain. The founder Martin McMahon, offers solutions to assist businesses in overcoming the barriers to adoption of Additive Manufacturing, whether at the start of the journey or at any other point of integration cycle.

The various aspects of the AM landscape can be quite difficult to identify amongst other more conventional forms of manufacturing, and M A M Solutions are here to level the field for decision makers.

  • Partnering with a network of AM Service providers
  • Assessment of machine and equipment providers
  • Selection of feedstock materials
  • Determination of process control
  • Advice on post-process optimisation
  • Qualification & Certification of parts and materials

Feel empowered to make the correct choices during your journey to full adoption of AM and unlock the maximum benefits for your business.

By working closely within your business the Solutions for Additive Manufacturing that I provide are guaranteed to accelerate your journey towards success.

Martin McMahon
Technical expert solutions for Additive Manufacturing

Your Industry Expert

M A M Solutions has the expertise to support you through process of selecting the right AM technology for your business.

Your Right Materials

For each metal AM technology there is an ever growing list of feedstock materials and  M A M Solutions  can help find your perfect supplier.

Materials solutions for Additive Manufacturing
Market analysis solutions for Additive Manufacturing

Your Market Position

M A M Solutions understands the metals Additive Manufacturing market, and how each element interacts with industrial requirements.

Your Business Growth

Let M A M Solutions guide you to a successful adoption of AM, leading to increased opportunities for your business.

Business development for AM
Design for Additive Manufacturing

Your Grand Designs

Design for Manufacture has some unique requirements when it comes to AM – M A M Solutions for that essential introduction to DfAM.

Your Perfect Parts

AM isn’t as easy as just pressing {PRINT}, so find out the whole end-to-end requirements with M A M Solutions to guide you along the way.

Production solutions