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Elementum 3D

Elementum 3D selects M A M Solutions for the UK and Ireland – September 2022

I am delighted to announce that Elementum 3D, of Colorado, USA have selected M A M Solutions to assist them in developing the market in the UK and and Ireland for their range of advanced metal alloy powders. Acting as the first line of enquiry for the full range of Elementum 3D powders, and assisting all potential customers with placing orders and metallurgical technical support.

Elementum 3D have a patented technology that ensures that hot tearing, or solidification cracking, is eliminated for those alloys that are usually difficult, or consider unsuitable for additive manufacturing, and in particular fusion based processes. This is called RAM™, Reactive Additive Manufacturing, where specially selected compounds, pre-mixed with the powder, react during the metal fusion process to form grain refiners and a distribution of particles that add strength to the alloy.