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Net Zero

It is already well-understood that AM has many advantages over traditional manufacturing methods, such as reducing material waste, increasing design flexibility, and enabling mass customisation. However, AM can also contribute to the global efforts to achieve Net Zero emissions, which is the goal of the UK government and many other countries and organizations.

According to a report by Make UK and Inspired PLC, AM can help the manufacturing sector decarbonise:

– By reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions in the production process, especially for high-value and low-volume parts that require less material and transportation.
– By developing and exporting new products that can support the transition to a low-carbon economy, such as renewable energy systems, hydrogen technologies, and carbon capture and storage solutions.

Therefore, metal AM should be seen as a key enabler for achieving the earlier Net Zero target by 2030, as it can offer significant environmental, economic, and social benefits for the manufacturing sector and beyond.

For more insights view Martin’s slide deck from the Net Zero event held by the Smart Manufacturing Alliance: