Discovering Additive Manufacturing

Discovering Additive Manufacturing

A short review process for your business led by the regions foremost Additive Manufacturing consultancy

You can read more about the naming conventions used in AM here.

Assess –  a tailored process that reviews your current product lines and associated production operations to establish if there are any clear and obvious candidates for AM. Using actual production parts we will evaluate form, fit and function against current AM design requirements, then identify potential changes and  improvements that would be suited to AM. This first part of the service includes a general introduction to all current AM technologies, processes, materials and the most successful applications.

Calibrate – no matter where your business is in its current journey with AM, the next part of the process will help to calibrate your current understanding of AM to your current business requirements. This should help you to identify the most appropriate opportunities and next steps in the journey to full adoption.

You’ll be guided through the process of developing the business case for utilising AM within your organisation. This may be through investing in AM technology or engaging with external service providers. You may decide to carry out further research and development activities before moving to the next stage of adoption.

By the end of the Discovery Additive Manufacturing process, you will have a much more informed view of the capabilities of AM. With this knowledge you’ll be able to plan for growth, target new opportunities, or overcome any existing obstacles to the adoption of additive manufacturing technologies.


Initial Meeting
🔩Understanding your business, the drivers, and the motivations for considering AM
🔩Understanding existing knowledge level and design know-how
🔩Ideas for the onsite ‘show-and-tell’
🔩Planning the workshop – who should attend

On site workshop
🔩Introduction to AM technology
🔩Getting to know your business leadership
🔩Review of business activities – walk the floor
🔩‘Show-and-tell’ review of candidate parts for AM
🔩Develop a list of potential use cases

🔩Review workshop findings to identify potential areas for introducing AM
🔩Identify suitable solutions/routes into the associated areas, including ball-park costs
🔩Assess the potential for growth, cost savings and improved sustainability

Plan for Adoption
🔩Report of the assessment findings
🔩Points of entry and barriers to the adoption of AM
🔩Identifying the most practical options for evaluating AM
🔩Recommended next step for the adoption of AM
🔩Taking the next steps